3 Types of Men to Avoid When Dating

When it comes to dating advice, there are a million rules to follow. For example, when you should date, how many people you should date, and most importantly, who not to date. I know most of us have a list of men to avoid when dating, but for whatever reason, we still end up with the men who are entirely wrong for us (and anyone else for that matter). While I'm sure, there's a never-ending lineup of men you should avoid when dating, here are three that stand out to me the most.

1. Mr. "Perfect"

The first man you need to stay away from is Mr. "Perfect". He's the guy who puts up the facade of being Mr. Right when in actuality he's the furthest thing from that. Now don't get me wrong, his looks are very appealing. He'll have the freshest haircut, wear the nicest clothes, and always know the right things to say. You'll most likely spot him on Instagram, half-naked, squinting while rubbing his beard. The main reason you want to stay away from this guy is that he's not genuine. He's the type to sell you a fantasy he knows he isn't going to fulfill. He'll have you wrapped around his finger with his charm and lies and will use you for whatever he wants at that moment. Nine times out of ten, he went through an extreme glow up and since then his ego has inflated. The funny thing about this man is he doesn't even believe his own front. He's deeply insecure and you'll find that out rather quickly. 

2. Mr. Playboy

Next, there's Mr. Playboy, which I assume will be familiar to a lot of women. He's the type of guy who wants you to be exclusive to him while he continues to play the field. What differentiates him from Mr. "Perfect" is he doesn't put up a facade and is sure of himself in most areas. There's are a strong chance he'll tell you his intentions from the beginning. He doesn't fear rejection because he exudes a certain level of confidence. He's got a big ego and he knows he doesn't have to do much to attract beautiful women. The reason you want to stay away from him is he's selfish and narcissistic. His confidence heavily depends on how many women he has fawning over him at once. This is the reason he'll want you all to himself while he actively looks for more women to add to his roster. Although his confidence and demeanor are undeniable, he's a typical womanizer and will have you feeling hurt and unfulfilled.         

3. Mr. Entitled  

Where most men have an entitled mentality when dating, this one takes the cake. Because he checks off everything on the list, he feels he deserves any and every woman he wants. Most people would categorize him as the "good guy" because he's so different from the rest of the men on the dating scene. He's won't try to manipulate you the way the previous two men would. He's a man of integrity and prides himself on that. In his mind, he's everything a woman would want in a man, not realizing it takes more than just looking good on paper to sustain a viable realtionship. His entitled attitude turns off most of his love interests because he feels he doesn't need to make any adjustments. When a woman is no longer interested in him, he can't comprehend why she isn't fulfilled. He believes any woman with him is lucky to have him. This will become apparent in the relationship when he refuses to make any compromises.

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