Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, plans have officially been set and confirmed. This means you should already have an idea of what you're going to wear. Finding the perfect outfit for Valentine's Day can get complicated being as it isn’t just a regular date night. In the case that you don’t have your outfit picked out yet, I've found several dresses that may give you some ideas of what to wear on the special night.

Classic Red

Red dresses are the most popular attire on Valentine’s Day being as it signifies love and stands out. Every woman has a red dress that makes her feel gorgeous instantly. Red is sexy and seductive and the perfect color for V-Day.

Pretty Hurts Dress - Burgundy


You're Not Slick Mini Dress - Red

Pretty in Pink

The second most popular color worn on Valentine’s Day is pink. There’s something about wearing pink that, no matter your age, makes you feel lighthearted and flirty. The perfect fuchsia dress can set you apart from the rest.

Feeling My Mesh Dress - Fuchsia

On The Bright Side Neon Mini Dress - Neon Pink

All Black Everything

Black is always a go-to when you want to feel sensual and alluring. Many people shy away from wearing black on Valentine’s Day because they feel it doesn’t suit the theme of the holiday. Adding a red lip, red accessories, and the perfect red heel to your outfit can give it the pop you need.

Barely Know Me One Shoulder Midi Dress - Black

Berlin Bandage Dress - Black

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a growing trend and fashion craze. A mature pink, if you will. For the most part, if it’s rose gold, it’s a show stopper. Being as it's not super common yet, you'll probably be the only one in the stunning color which will make you stand out even more.

Ashe Sequin Dress - Rose Gold

Expose Sequin Dress - Rose Gold

Now that you can see all of the options there are to choose from, you can take a deep breath and stop freaking out over what to wear. All of these looks are under $50 and can be found on FashionNova.com. Your order should get to you by V-Day with their 2-day shipping. They're currently having a sale on their site for 40% off your entire order with the code: 14milli

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