5 Signs He's Not Into You

Although it can be extremely fulfilling, dating is probably one of the most complicated experiences ever. As I mentioned in my previous post, Battle of the Sexes: Why Dating Seems So Complicated, trying to figure out the opposite sex can be pretty confusing. Whether it be lack of communication or inconsistencies, dating can leave you feeling doubtful and uncertain. In an attempt at minimizing the stresses of dating, I've listed five signs that prove he's not into you.

#1: He's not consistent

The first sign he's not into you is inconsistency. This is probably the #1 complaint when it comes to dating. In order for any relationship to grow and be successful, consistency is a must. If it's something he truly wants, he'll be consistent. So if he's constantly popping in and out of your life, he probably not into you.

#2: You're always the first person to text or call

As obvious as it may be if you find yourself always texting or calling first, he's most likely not into you. He might give you the excuse of being busy or preoccupied, but trust me if he actually likes you, he's going to want to talk hear from you at least once a day.

#3: He's not making the relationship a priority

This sign goes hand and hand with sign #1. Not being made a priority is an obvious sign he's not into you. A lack of quality time in the relationship is a signifier that it's not being made a priority and therefore not important to him. Similar to texting or calling, if he likes you, he's going to make time to see you.

#4: He doesn't want to go to the"next level"

In the era of casual dating, you've most likely experienced sign #4. Oftentimes, people allow themselves to be strung along, hoping that one day something will change. But if he hasn't asked you to move forward in the relationship, he's probably not into you.

#5: He's giving you "mixed signals"

Last but not least, the infamous mixed signals. I don't know how many times I've heard people complain about the person they're dating sending mixed signals. Men are very simple creatures, so you should be able to read what their intentions are. If you feel he's always giving you "mixed signals", he's probably not into you.

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