5 Signs it’s Time to Break Up

Breakups are always hard to do. No matter how done you might be, as Chris Brown once said, there’s never a right time to say goodbye. Breakups can be dramatic and messy at times, but they don’t always end that way. Sometimes relationships end with a mutual understanding and can be extremely cordial. Other times, we take longer to end things than we should solely because we feel torn. It may be that we don't know how to let go or that we've become comfortable. Whatever the reason may be, complacency tends to take over, making us remain when the relationship is long over. In this post, I’m going to list five signs that it’s time to cut ties with your significant other.

#1: Lack of Effort on Either Side

The first and most obvious sign that a relationship is over is when there's no effort being put into the relationship anymore. If you’re constantly going out of your way to make your relationship a priority and your partner isn’t (or vice versa), it becomes evident that there's a problem. In order for a relationship to thrive, it’s vital that effort is present on both sides. A lack of effort usually translates as a lack of interest which is a big red flag that things are coming to an end.

#2: No Longer Being Fulfilled

The second sign ties in well with the first one. Not being fulfilled in a relationship is draining. Relationships are meant to fill you up in every area, so there isn't a good excuse as to why you wouldn't be. Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., being unfulfilled in any area is a problem. If you’re constantly feeling neglected this is a sign that the relationship is no longer working.

#3: The Cons Outweigh the Pros

The most beneficial exercise to do when you’re uncertain about the future of your relationship is weighing the pros and the cons. Doing this allows you to completely lay out the good and the bad in your relationship. Once you’ve written down your list, analyze it. Look at all the positive attributes of the relationship, then look at the negative ones. This will help you decide whether or not the relationship is worth saving or not. Are the positives good enough to where you feel you can work through the cons or are the cons too much to overcome? If this is so, that's a sign you need to move on.

#4: Feel the Relationship is Holding You Back

The fourth sign that you should end your relationship is if it’s holding you back. As people, we are ever-changing and constantly evolving. This means you and your significant other can outgrow one another. Some relationships are only meant for a certain period of time. Staying in a relationship longer than you're supposed to can eventually hold you back from growing. If you feel your relationship is hindering you from reaching a new level in life, break it off.

#5: You’ve Given it Your All

Last but not least, the fifth sign that it’s time to break up is that you’ve tried everything you could. Whether this means spending more quality time or improving communication with one another. If you've gone the extra mile to get back to how it once was and nothing improves, that's a sign it's time to let things go. It’s important not to force anything, so if the spark is no longer there, move on.

Most relationships reach plateaus every once and a while. When this happens, you have a decision to either work through it or go your separate ways. It's understandable why people wait so long to end things, but some things aren’t meant to last forever. It’s not fair to put yourself or your significant other through unnecessary unhappiness. Be real with yourself and if you feel it’s time to cut ties, do it!

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