5 Things My Mother Has Taught Me

Because my Mother is such an essential part of my life, my appreciation for her is constant and ongoing throughout the year, but because Mother's day is in two days, I want to make a special post to express my love and gratitude for the woman I call 'Mommy'. Ever since I was younger, she's taught me so much about life. Here are five things that have stuck with me and made me the lovely woman I am today.

#1: Her Style

My mother is very fashionable, has the best style and dresses to the nines every time she goes anywhere. Her fashion sense has rubbed off on, both, me and my sister throughout the years. No matter where she's going, her hair, makeup, and outfit are always put together perfectly. She is the whole package.

#2: Her Compassion for Others

She has always gone out of her way not just for me and my sister, but for everyone around her. The way she cares and provides for others shows how big her heart is. I know my kindness towards others is because of the great example I've had in her growing up.

#3: Her Go-Getter Attitude

The thing I probably admire about her the most is her go-getter mentality. I probably have one of the most hardworking mothers in the world. There was a point in time where she took care of me and my sister as a single mom while working a full-time job. Even to this day, she's an overachiever and constantly setting new goals for herself, which is so inspiring.

#4: How to Own Every Room

The way my mother owns a room is like no other. She has a certain amount of confidence and grace in her walk that I admire so much. Her assertive demeanor and elegant personality can be sensed without her even saying a word.

#5: Her Unconditional Love

The love my mother gives is so unrestricted. She's always expressing her love for me in different ways. Her love has taught me how to love and what to expect when looking for love. It has allowed me to do great things, knowing I have her love and support no matter what.

The more I get older, the more I continue to see her in me which is a blessing in itself. One day, when I become a mother myself, I know I'll do just fine because she's been the blueprint of what an exceptional mother consists of. My mother is my #1 supporter, my source of love, my provider, my Capricorn twin, my teacher, etc. The list can go on and on but I feel I've done enough explaining to where you have an idea of how marvelous she is. It is such a blessing and honor to be the daughter of someone so radiant. Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

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