5 Trendy Hats You Need for the Summer

Everyone knows a summer outfit isn't complete without a cute hat to compliment it. The right hat can instantly bring any outfit to life. Now, you're probably looking at your basic hat collection, wondering which hats you should add to it. In this post, I've found five trendy hats you absolutely need in your closet that'll have you slaying all summer long.

#1: The Classic Straw Hat

The classic straw hat will never go out of style. A straw hat is the perfect hat to keep the sun out of your face all while adding to your outfit.

#2: The Visor

Visors are a big trend right now and you can find them in nearly any store in an array of colors. Similar to the straw hat, visors shield you from the sun along with making your outfit pop.

#3: The Black Banded Straw Hat

This particular style of straw hats is a little more practical for everyday wear and isn't just confined to the beachwear. You can wear this with almost any outfit, whether it be day or night.

#4: The Turban

Another trend this season is the turban. You've most likely seen turbans being worn with matching bikinis and beachwear, but you can add a turban to any outfit to automatically spice up your look.

#5: Oversized Straw Hat

Lastly, we have the oversized straw hat. This hat is like no other and takes a spin on the typical straw hat. It not only provides hella shade but will make you stand out in any crowd.

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