5 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During this Time

This week has been tough for a lot of us. The emotions felt following the murder of George Floyd has lead to a worldwide uproar. Many people have taken to the streets in solidarity, while others have donated to the cause and/or have spread educational information to those around them. Every time we go on social media or turn on the TV, we're hearing about the senseless murder of George Floyd. This can easily take a toll on anybody's mental health. To help, I've created a short list of coping mechanisms you can use to help keep you afloat during these hard times.

#1: Pray/Meditate

Taking a moment to center yourself and connect with God can have a great impact on your mental health. Give yourself a minute to be calm and at peace. You'll be surprised how much better you'll feel.

#2: Take a Social Media Break

What you see on your social media can have a huge effect on how you feel. If you're becoming overwhelmed by your timeline, take a break from social media for a couple of days.

#3: Talk to Friends and Family

Talk to the people around you. Although some of us aren't able to physically see our loved ones, a FaceTime or a simple phone call can be extremely beneficial to your emotional state. These are the people who love you the most and will make you feel hopeful again.

#4: Watch Black Feel-Good TV Shows/Movies

Although some of us aren't in the mood to laugh right now, watching feel-good black tv shows and/or movies can get your mind off what's going on in the world. Plus, laughing is good for the soul.

#5: Let It Out

LET. IT. OUT. If you haven't already, give yourself a pass to let out your frustration however you please. Whether it be yelling, crying, or ranting, let out that frustration and hurt because you will feel so much better.

Mental Health Resources (courtesy of @healthy_ish on Instagram):

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