7 Essentials Everyone Needs at Their Holiday Party

Holiday parties are the best way to spend time with your friends during the holiday season. At this point, your calendar is probably overflowing with numerous Christmas party invites. If you also plan on hosting a holiday party this year, here are several things you'll need to make your holiday party a success.

#1: Decorations

This is probably obvious, but decorations are a must at your Christmas party. You want your guests to walk in and feel holiday vibes. You can keep your decoration simple or go all out. It's all up to you, just as long as you have some type of decorations put up.

#2: Snacks

You should have snacks for your guests to eat while at your party. This can be as simple as finger foods or a full-blown meal. You can also make it potluck style and have each guest bring a dish.

#3: Treats

It's not a holiday party without holiday treats and desserts. Have a variety of sweets available to your guest such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc.

#4: Gifts

This one is optional but being as you're throwing a holiday party, it's only right for you to have gifts for your guests. Now, this doesn't mean go break the bank buying extravagant gifts. Simple gifts like gift cards or scented candles will do.

#5: Holiday-Themed Drinks

Typical party refreshments are fine, but add a few holiday-themed drinks like eggnog, apple cider, and hot chocolate. Add liquor to the drinks to create some holiday cocktail and get the party going.

#6: Games

Games always guarantee a good time at any party. Whether it be UNO, Taboo, or any other game, this will bring your guests together and create great memories.

#7: Music

Lastly, being as music is the best way to turn up a party, you must have a bomb holiday playlist for your party. Now I understand everyone isn't a fan of Christmas music so make sure your playlist is a mixture of the current top 40 with Christmas songs added in here and there.

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