9 Trendy Handbags You Absolutely Need This Summer

Summertime is my favorite season for fashion. Being as there are so many items to choose from, putting together outfits becomes so simple. Summertime is also filled with parties, vacations, dates, etc. This is why fashion in the summer seems so significant. As you may know, accessorizing is vital and can either make or break your outfit. Your jewelry and shoes are as important to your outfit as your clothes. Another thing that has the ability to bring your whole outfit to together is a nice handbag and some may argue that handbags can stand alone. In this post, I will list 10 cute and trendy handbags that are essential to complete your summertime looks.

#1: The Rectangular Trend

Rectangular handbags are becoming more popular as they're the perfect size to fit your phone, cards, and lipgloss.

#2: The Square Trend

The square trend has always been a classic and this bag would go great with any black or white outfit.

#3: The Fanny Pack Trend

Fanny packs are probably the most trendy handbag right now. Because fanny packs are tied on, they can easily become a part of the look and transform it.

#4: The Sphere Trend

Some may find it strange to have a ball as a handbag, but sphere handbags are undeniably fashionable and unique.

#5: The Micro Trend

The micro trend is new yet rapidly growing. Although these bags are extremely tiny, they still have the power to make the entire outfit.

#6: The Round Trend

Though oddly structured, round handbags fit right into most outfits. This mustard colored crossbody is a must have for the summer.

#7: The Structure Clutch Trend

You can never go wrong with a structured clutch. Similar to the square handbag, this handbag is a classic and this fuchsia colored clutch will make any look pop.

#8: The Wooden Trend

Perfect for the summer, the wooden structured trend automatically adds a summer vibe to your look. Whether you're on a beach vacation or just wanting to give off that summer feels, this bag is perfect for you.

#9: The Acrylic Trend

Last but not least, the acrylic clutch trend. Now I can understand the reluctance regarding this bag being as it's see-through, but this bag is a unique piece that can't be passed up.

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