At-Home Manicure: The 7 Tools You'll Need

Along with the endless grocery list of beauty regimens, having a fresh manicure is a necessity for many women. Some women go to the nail salon every other week, while others go once a week. This can become expensive, being as manicures cost around $30-$60. But this doesn't mean you have to walk around with bare nails. Rather than going to the salon, set up your own at-home salon and do them yourself. Here are the five tools you'll need.

#1: Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is necessary in order to take off old nail polish and thoroughly clean your nails. I use a remover with acetone because it gets the nail polish off quickly.

#2: Nail Clippers

Nail clippers can be used for those awkwardly shaped nails and ensure that all your nails are one uniform shape and size.

#3: Nail File

I feel the nail file is self-explanatory and is used to take care off anything the nail clippers missed. With a nail file, you'll be able to be more precise when smoothing down your nails.

#4: Buffer

A buffer helps prepare your nails for the polish by smoothing it over and getting rid of any ridges on the nail.

#5: Base Coat

A base coat is used to protect the nail and give the polish something to hold on to. Using one coat of base polish will help your nails stay strong while polished.

#6: Nail Polish

This is the fun part. Pick out any color nail polish you wish to use and paint about 2-3 coats on your nails. Adding several coats will make your manicure look better and last longer.

#7: Top Coat

Top coat is the last yet most important tool you'll need for your at-home manicure. A top coat creates a hard shell that will help seal the polish, maintain the shine, and keep your nails from chipping.

These products cost under $30 combined which is cheaper than a basic manicure at the salon. It's fine if you still feel the need to go to the salon every once and a while, but at least with these products, you can save some money and reduce the number of times you go to the salon.

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