Battle of the Sexes: Why Dating Seems So Complicated

When it comes to dating, it seems as though there's a constant struggle between men and women. Everything is smooth sailing at the beginning of the relationship but soon morphs into a complicated mess. This may be something that can be worked on for some but can be a breaking point for others. This disconnect is pretty obvious but tends to be overlooked.

So what is this disconnect I'm talking about? For the most part, men think in the now, while women think in the future. This is also how men and women view dating. When dating, men go into it with an open mind, while women go into it knowing exactly what they want. A man will meet a woman then decide what type of relationship he wants with her. A woman will meet a man already knowing what type of relationship she wants with him. Because of this contrast, dating becomes more complicated than it needs to be.

Women know what they want now and men tend to take their time to decide. This is why, often times, men are bombarded with the question like, "What are we?" or "Where are we going with this?". His answer may not be what she wants to hear because he truly isn't sure if that's what he wants yet.

If you're still confused, think about the women who fantasize about their wedding day from the time they were little girls. They have the whole day planned out from the dress they're going to wear down to the song they'll walk down the aisle to. All they're missing is the guy to say "I do". Men, on the other hand, will cross that bridge when they get there.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a bad thing knowing what you want, I'm just simply saying men and women are wired differently. Things tend to get confusing because we have a bad habit of assuming we think alike when we don't. Men should be clear about what women are looking for while women should understand that it may take a minute for men to catch up. This doesn't mean wait around for an unnecessary amount of time, but allow the process to flow naturally.

Dating doesn't have to be a complicated experience. Men and women go about things differently, which will eventually create a perfect balance in a healthy relationship. With the right amount of communication and understanding, this obstacle can be banished in your dating life.

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