BET+: My Honest Review

Last week, BET launched their streaming service Bet+ which features BET originals along with a handful of classic tv shows and movies. This streaming service was originally announced at the BET Awards in June. Their partnership with Tyler Perry was also announced meaning the service will include Tyler Perry's vast archive of movies and tv shows. 

The service includes over 1,000 hours of ad-free content all for $9.99/mo. BET+ has some of our favorite tv shows and movies like MartinHouse of Pain, and Meet the Browns. It also has some notorious reality shows like Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, which I appreciate, being as you can't watch them anywhere else. 

Along with our classic faves, are two new BET+ originals, Bigger and First Wives Club. I've been watching both, and so far, I'm enjoying the shows. Bigger is about a group of friends in their mid-thirties living in Atlanta. First Wives Club is a show focused on a group of three friends who are dealing with their failing marriages all while being there for one another. 

My honest review of BET+ is it's unique in the fact that it caters to black people and has a variety of black content. I also appreciate the balance of the classic black cinema and original content. Because of that, this streaming service stands out for me compared to the rest. 

What I will say is I wish the app had more content on it (I'd seen people saying they'll be releasing more content in the future) because most of the content they advertised on the promo has yet to be added to the site. Another improvement would be for them to have an actual website. As of now, the only way to access the content is to watch through the app which can only be used on your phone or iPad. 

Many people critiqued BET+ because of the lack of content and felt the $9.99/mo isn't worth it compared to other streaming services. While I understand their arguments, I think we should give them a chance to add more content, then make a final judgment. I hope they continue to add more content and become as successful as the other streaming services. 

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