Celebrating My 100th Blog Post!

 Fifteen months after the launch of my blog, I've finally reached 100 blog posts. While it took me a minute to get consistent with my content, I can say I've finally got the hang of things. I'm extremely proud of myself for not only launching my blog but keeping up with it to reach 100 posts. Delving into content creation has been an interesting journey and I've learned (and continue to learn) so much. In this post, I decided to go down memory lane and highlight my first five posts, my top five most popular posts, and my personal top five favorite posts. 

My First 5 Posts 

#1: Who is Leslie Hardeman?

#2: The Best Affordable Places to Shop Online

#3: 10 Celebrities who are Friends in my Head

#4: Why You Should Avoid Casual Relationships

#5: Everything is Love: Album Review

My Top 5 Most Popular Posts 

#1: 5 Signs it’s Time to Break Up 

#2: Avoiding Monkey Bar Syndrome 

#3: Why You Should Avoid Casual Relationships 

#4: Who is Leslie Hardeman? 

#5: 10 Celebrities who are Friends in my Head 

My Personal Top 5 Favorite Posts

#1: Writing Out Your Perfect Guy

#2: 5 Signs it’s Time to Break Up

#3: Should Women Pay for First Dates?

#4: Baecation Please! 6 Travel Destinations Perfect for Couples

#5: 5 Tips When Planning Goals for the New Year 

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