Chapter 22

Chapter 22. Today marks 22 years of life. Twenty-two years of laughter, tears, failures, and successes. As usual, 22 doesn’t feel any different from 21, or 20 for that matter. Although I don’t feel any different, I know I’m walking into my 22nd birthday with a different outlook. I know this next year is going to be one of the most pivotal years of my life. Looking back at all I experienced in year 21, I can say I’m content. From seeing Beyoncé in concert for the first time to going to Miami for spring break, I enjoyed myself. I also accomplished a lot this past year, like, launching my blog and graduating from college a semester early. These are things I’m extremely proud about and this year I plan on achieving even more. Going into my 22nd year, I plan on stepping outside of my comfort zone, checking off everything on my to-do list, and finally reading the books and magazines that have been collecting dust for years. I’m going to be less hard on myself, allow room for mistakes, and allow myself to splurge every once and a while. Lastly, I’m going to remember in the midst of working hard towards my goals, to take a break and live a little. I’ll only be 22 once, so I might as well enjoy myself.

Leslie Hardeman XOXO

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