College Farewell Letter

After hella papers, anxiety-ridden presentations, and tedious assignments, my college days are officially over. I remember when I first walked into college not knowing what to expect or what would come out of it. I was terrified and excited at the same time. Being that I’m shy and awkward, I wasn’t sure if I’d make friends or how my social life would be. I was afraid that my shyness would hold me back from having certain experiences. Luckily within the first few weeks of class, I met my lovely group of friends. And after getting lost every day, the first week of class, I got into the swing of things. I quickly adjusted to the dining hall visits, daily library study sessions, and spontaneous campus events. Going to an untraditional school like Georgia State made growth inevitable. Whereas most campuses are tight-knit, small communities, Georgia State is in the middle of downtown Atlanta. Being able to brush shoulders with business executives and professionals on the way to class is something you don’t usually get on college campuses. Aside from the great networking opportunities, going to school in the city, there was always something to do and experiences to be had. Going to school in a major city, I was constantly introduced to new adventures and experiences that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. Like many people, my college years were filled with exploration and growth. I learned so much about myself and what I was capable of. I’ve had my happy moments like when I’d find out there was free food on campus, along with my embarrassing moments like the time I passed out in the middle of class. I’ve had scary moments, anxious moments, as well as, exciting moments. As the years passed by, I continued to evolve and grow. Now three and a half years later, I've graduated cum laude, a whole semester early with a degree in Journalism. Through this journey, my confidence has grown and I’ve learned to be independent. I’ve matured so much in the past three years and have experienced things I never thought I would. As crazy as it may sound, going into college, I didn’t necessarily think I’d use my degree because I’m an actress. I remember my sole purpose going into college was to gain more knowledge and experiences and that’s exactly what I got. I never thought that I would choose to study journalism and fall in love with it. I never thought about having a blog or seriously getting into writing. I’ve been through so much within the past four years and there's so much uncertainty and potential in the days to come. Looking at everything I’ve achieved, I know I’ll be able to handle whatever comes my way.

Leslie Hardeman

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