Cuffing Season During Quarantine: 5 Steps to Safely Date this Season

It's that time of year again when the days are shorter, and people tend to stay inside more. This only means cuffing season is right around the corner. Last year, I made a post about the dos and don'ts of cuffing season, but this year will be a little different being as we're in the middle of a pandemic. This doesn't necessarily mean you can't cuff anyone this year, but you do have to go about it differently to keep everyone safe. If you want to stay covid-free, but don't want to miss out on cuffing season, here are five steps to take to ensure a safe and successful cuffing season.

#1: Keep it Online (At First)

With social media being our most beneficial tool, there are so many ways to meet people online (dating apps, Facebook groups, etc.). FaceTime and Zoom dates have become popular during our time in quarantine. They allow you to get to know someone new while staying safe in your own home. Getting the vetting process out of the way online is a great way to minimize the amount of one on one contact you'd normally do when dating in person.

#2: Go on First (In Person) Date

Now that you've met someone you're interested in pursuing, take things offline, and go on an actual date. It's important to meet in person to see if the chemistry is there or not. Most restaurants are back open and allowing customers to dine-in with social distance restrictions, of course. The good news is you've already gotten to know one another, so the pressure won't be as intense as a normal first date.

#3: Enjoy Activities Together

Once the first date is out of the way, it would be a good idea to start doing different activities together. Similar to restaurants, there is plenty of activities available for you all to partake in. These activities can be anything from bowling to Top Golf. Experiencing different things together will strengthen the bond and allow you all to get to know each other on a different level.

#4: Have In-Home Dates

After several successful dates, you're beginning to make a solid connection. Now you can start going to one another's homes and spending more intimate time together. You can cook with each other, play card games, watch movies, etc. You will naturally begin to become more relaxed around this person and let your hair down.

#5: Cuffed!

Just like that, you have someone to spend cuffing season with. While this year has put a stop to a lot of things, there's always time to find a new romantic interest. Whether the realtionship ends up being short-term or long-term, you get to end this crazy year off being boo'd up.

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