Eliminating First Date Anxiety: 5 Things to Remember

First impressions are everything. This statement is often used as a reminder to be on our best behavior when entering a new situation. Whether it be a job interview or your first time meeting the parents, it's ingrained in us to highlight our best attributes. A first date is also an instance where you'd want to leave a good first impression. There is a lot of anxiety centered around first dates because there's a lot at stake. To help ease your anxiety, I've compiled a list of tips to keep in mind approaching your first date.

#1: Don't Overthink

Sometimes we allow ourselves to go crazy thinking about every little detail before the date even starts. This will only cause unnecessary stress before your date. So relax your mind and try your best not to overthink.

#2: Be on Time

Showing up on time is an obvious necessity. Being on time not only shows that you're punctual, but it also shows that you respect the other person's time. Being on time will make everything go smoother and will eliminate any additional pressure.

#3: Be Openminded

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind on a first date. Being closed off will only keep you from enjoying yourself. It's the first date so things don't have to be so serious. Be openminded and allow yourself to have fun.

#4: Be Yourself

The most obvious tip would be to be yourself. Of course, you want to set a lasting impression on your date, but don't say or do anything that you wouldn't normally say or do. If they like you, they'll like you without you having to put on a facade.

#5: Remember Who You Are

This person is taking time out of their day to spend time with you. No matter what their intentions are, they want to be there with you at that moment. That alone is enough to give you a boost of confidence and help you relax.

First dates are supposed to be exciting. Whether it leads to something long term or not, they should be something to look forward to not stress out about. Keeping these tips in mind when going on a first date will ensure you to have a good time and have less anxiety about dating in general.

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