Entangled Love: 4 Types of Entanglements and How to Know If You're In One

Ever since Jada Pinkett Smith's use of the word 'entanglement' on last week's Red Table Talk, it's been on everyone's lips. If you're anything like me, you were probably wondering what the word even meant. I decided to look up the definition of this word, and it's described as a complicated or compromising relationship or situation. The definition may sound familiar to many being as we've all found ourselves in an "entanglement" or two. If you're unsure of whether you're currently in an entanglement or not, here are four types of entanglements that may describe your situation.

#1: The Situationship

The situationship is probably the most common entanglement these days. This is where you have someone in your life that you aren't necessarily committed to. You basically do everything you would in a normal relationship without the title. This relationship may seem free-flowing at first but eventually, feelings get involved making the relationship more complicated than it was ever supposed to be.

#2: Friends with Benefits

Another common entanglement is friends with benefits. This is normally a natural occurrence that happens between two friends. A friends with benefits relationship is similar to a situationship being as there is no official title. What differentiates the two is those in a friend with benefits relationship have a real friendship aside from the romantic aspect. This could make the breakup even harder being as you'd be letting go of both a lover and a close friend.

#3: Having a Side Piece

A more obvious entanglement and the one Jada can relate to the most is having a side piece. Having someone special on the side is slightly different from the typical serial cheating because you most likely have feelings for them. We see these types of entanglements happen often. You've fallen for someone outside of your relationship and continue to carry on a relationship with your significant lover. Essentially, having your cake and eating it too.

#4: Being a Side Piece

The last entanglement on the list is being a side piece. Whether you entered the relationship knowing their "situation" or not, you've found yourself being the other woman. This is the riskiest type of entanglement to be involved in because you're probably going to be the one that's left hurt at the end (i.e. August Alsina). The chances of this person leaving their significant other for you are slim. Even if they do end up being with you, there's no telling if they'll do the same thing to you down the line.

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