Everything is Love: Album Review

A little over a week ago, as I was minding my business, Beyoncé and Jay-Z decided to snatch our edges once again. The royal couple, who is currently overseas on their On the Run II world tour, dropped their first ever combined album entitled Everything is Love. The album consists of nine songs, plus a bonus track, which is approximately a 40 minute listen. Each and every song in the album is a mood and for sure going to be the soundtrack of the summer. I’m going to go through each song and explain to y’all why we are undeserving of such talent.

#1 SUMMER: The first song on the album is entitled "Summer" and sets the tone for the rest of the album. This song is slower than the others and gives off an island vibe. The vocals are extremely soothing and relaxing and automatically makes you want to fall in love or be with the one you love. This is the type of song you turn on when you’re on vacation with bae. Definitely one of my favorites from the album.

#2 APESHIT: As soon as "Apeshit" comes on, it’ll have you grabbing for your knees..I’m just saying. This song is the first single from the album and was released with a video. The video is set in the Louvre Museum in Paris. In the video, Jay and Bey are seen in front of some of the most famous art exhibits, such as Mona Lisa. The visuals in the music video, alone, scream black royalty. And Beyoncé’s bars...OMG. We got a taste of this on their collaboration with DJ Khaled “Top Off” feat. Future, but Beyoncé went off on this record and nothing could’ve prepared us.

#3 BOSS: My favorite song on the album..."Boss". Bey’s vocals don’t disappoint and the marching band music in the background can be compared to her Beychella performance in April. What I like most about this song is that it makes you feel like that chick. This is the type a song you listen to when you need that slight confidence booster to get you through the day. This song has been on constant repeat. And Blue’s shoutout to her siblings at the end completely took me out.

#4 NICE: The song "Nice" featuring Pharrell Williams has a catchy beat and instantly makes you want to turn up. The song is easy to follow along with and is in my top five favorites on the album. This song is for those moments you're feeling yourself. But the way Bey came for Spotify completely threw me off. She let us know she has no difficulty checking you if necessary.

#5 713: The next song, "713", pays homage to Houston and hustlers, alike. In the song, Jay speaks on the beginning of their relationship. Along with that, they talk about their relationship and all they’ve accomplished since being together. This song is no different from the others and is easy to follow.

#6 FRIENDS: This song can be easily labeled as a best friend anthem and is most likely going to be a favorite among every squad. In this song, Jay and Bey praise the relationships they have with their friends while describing the friendship they share with one another. Listening to this song, of course, makes me want to be apart of Bey's crew, but also makes me feel like my friends and I are goals af. And Bey’s runs at the end...girl.

#7 HEARD ABOUT US: My 2nd favorite song from the album is "Heard About Us". This song is a mixture of a slow jam and an upbeat tune. The song gives off a Bonnie and Clyde vibe that makes you want to dance and get in your feelings at the same time.

#8 BLACK EFFECT: The Black Effect is arguably the best song on this album and definitely in the top three on my list. This song reminds me of the old Jay-Z which made me like the song off the bat. Jay and Bey are obviously here for the advancement of black people and this song is a great representation of that. The song screams black excellence and makes me hella proud to be black.

#9 LOVE HAPPY: The last song on the album, “Love Happy”, is the perfect conclusion to this album. This song represents the light at the end of the darkest tunnel in their relationship. The gratitude and happiness they share is apparent. To be able to move on in their relationship and continue to grow as a family exposes the theme of the entire album.

Bonus Track: SALUD!: The bonus track "Salud!" is a song celebrating their marriage and being able to last through everything they’ve endured. "Salud!" and "Love Happy" have similar meanings, but "Salud!" focuses more on celebrating their growth throughout the years. In my personal opinion, this song should've been on the album with the rest of them, because it's just as good.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z did not disappoint with this project. Listening to this album, there’s no denying that every single record was perfected before being put on the album. The fact that it took Bey and Jay 10+ years to make a collaboration like this blows my mind. We’ve never heard the two make music like they did on this album. Their two individual styles combined and made a masterpiece that’ll be hard to top.

Listen here: https://tidal.com/browse/album/90521280

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