Face Mask Fash: 10 Stylish Masks Under $20

Face masks have become the new norm and if you're anything like me, you're tired of wearing the same boring mask every time you leave the house. Because face masks are in such high demand, nearly everyone is selling them. Luckily, several brands have fashionable masks that will cater to anyone's style and all for an affordable price.

Hot Pink Monogram Mask

Pretty Little Thing's PLT Hot Pink Monogram Print Fashion Mask ($10).

Heather Grey Mask

The You're Too Close Face Mask ($7.99) from Fashion Nova.

Snake Skin Print Mask

The Yellow Snake Print Fashion Mask ($10) from Pretty Little Thing.

Pop Art Mask

The Pop Art Face Mask ($9.99) from Fashion Nova.

Leopard Mask

Fashion Nova's Leopard Face Mask ($5.99).

Pink Solid Mask

The Comfort Solid Face Mask ($4.99) from Fashion Nova.

Rhinestone Mask

Fashion Nova's Rhinestone Face Mask Cover ($19.99).

Pink Graphic Mask

Fashion Nova's Queen of Social Distancing Face Mask ($7.99).

Multi Design Mask

The You Got Me Twisted Mask ($15) from Diva Boutique.

Chain Print Mask

The Chain Print Face Mask ($12.99) from Fashion Nova.

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