Gender Reveal Parties: Are They Necessary?

We live in a society where every little thing is celebrated. No matter what the occasion, big or small, there's some type of party or gathering for every accomplishment. From traditional celebrations such as birthday parties and weddings to the new and trendy celebrations such as engagement parties and sip and sees, nothing goes uncelebrated. One party that has begun to gain steam recently are gender reveal parties.

Gender reveal parties are thrown to announce the gender of a baby and they're the new craze of the internet. Every time I log on to Instagram, someone’s throwing a gender reveal party. As gender reveals become more popular, people continue to find creative ways to announce the gender of their babies. While some people choose to find out the gender by cutting into a cake or popping a balloon, others have gone as far as performing science experiments and motorcycle burnouts. This has caused people to have mixed feelings about gender reveals.

Although this new trend is a creative way to find out the gender of your baby, not everyone is a fan of it. There's a debate on whether gender reveals are necessary or not. Some people feel gender reveals are pointless and silly, while others feel they're the perfect way to announce the gender of a baby.

One of the main reasons some people are resistant to gender reveals is that they feel baby showers are enough. They feel having a gender reveal party and a baby shower is doing too much and they feel the two are one and the same. Some also feel it can be problematic to make such a big deal about the gender of someone who's not even born yet.

On the other hand, people who love the idea of gender reveals feel there's nothing wrong with them because it brings together close friends and family for a joyous moment. They enjoy the anticipation of finding out the gender, along with their loved ones, and don't see the issue in doing that.

I can admit that I find gender reveal parties to be extremely cute and wouldn't mind having a few myself when the time comes, but I also understand why some people are turned off by them. Gender reveal parties aren't going anywhere anytime soon, so whether you're here for them or not, this trend will continue to grow.

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