Hello February!

The first month of the year has come and gone. Many of us set a grocery list of goals for the new year as January is the best time to start working on them. So I must ask: Did you achieve any of your goals? Did you write out your business plan or start working out more? Did you take the time to read a book or two? If yes, that’s great. If not, what steps are you taking to work on your goals?

As we all know, there are many commitments and resolutions made at the top of the year. And where attentions are pure, often times we slide back into the old habits that have prevented us from progressing for so long. The high of the new year usually lasts for a couple of weeks before it starts to die down. A good way to avoid this from happening throughout the year would be to set monthly goals.

You should look at every month as a fresh start to achieve new goals. Whether the goals be big or small, it’s up to you. As long as you’re setting some sort of objective you can work on for the next four weeks, you'll be on the right path. Making small monthly goals will better your chances at achieving the big goals.

Looking at all the goals you want to achieve in a year can be a lot which will eventually cause you to shut down and not complete any of your goals. You’re more likely to achieve your goals for the year if you map them out month by month. This will not only allow you to pace yourself, but it’ll also help you take baby steps to keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

I'm not telling you this to be annoying, but just to give you a friendly reminder that you have goals this year to challenge yourself like you never have before. If you put them off and become complacent, you’ll be in the same place you were last year. Just like January, February will be over before we know it, so buckle down and be disciplined and intentional about everything you wish to achieve. One month down and 11 to go!

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