'Homecoming' Watch Party Checklist: Things You'll Need

A little under a week ago, Netflix announced an upcoming project entitled 'Homecoming'. Without question, people assumed this was a project tied to Beyoncé. Less than 24 hours later, Netflix released the official trailer for the documentary, confirming the rumors. This, of course, sent the Beehive into a frenzy. There will be watch parties across the globe as the documentary premieres and if you plan on hosting a watch party yourself, there are a couple of things you'll need to get in order before it drops.


'Homecoming' is approximately 2 hours and 17 minutes which means you and your guest will need something to snack on. Have some chips and dip or some sweet treats prepared before your guest arrive.


You can't have snacks without a few drinks to go with them, so make sure you have several options for your guest. You can keep it simple with some wine or you can serve lemonade and watermelon themed-drinks. You can even do it like Bey with a bottle of D’USSÉ. The drinks will keep your guests refreshed and will have you up, singing and dancing to every song.


Ever since the documentary was announced, the hive has been trying to figure out what they're going to wear. Many say they're going to wear their Ivy Park while others have made plans on wearing their Beychella merch. You don't necessarily have to dress up but getting dolled up to watch it wouldn't hurt and is a fun way to get you in the mood.


Last, but not least, your guest list. It's important that you invite people that share the same love for Beyoncé you do. It's important for you to be able to stan as much as you want without feeling judged. It'll also make for a better time if you're around people who know all the dance moves and songs.

Being as Beyoncé is so private and we don't get much from her in between albums, this documentary is a big deal. Whether you plan on hosting a crowd of people or just a couple of close friends, take these tips and you'll surely have the perfect watch party.

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