How to Throw a Successful Friendsgiving Dinner

Friendsgiving is a newer tradition people like to participate in. Friendsgiving is basically Thanksgiving with your friends. Being as people usually spend the holiday with their families, people aren’t able to celebrate with their friends and this is the perfect solution for that. Friendsgiving is usually done a week prior to the actual Thanksgiving holiday. As we know, organizing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner can be challenging and Friendsgiving is no exception. In this post, I want to give you my top 5 tips on how to throw a successful Friendsgiving gathering.

Tip #1: Potluck Style

This is the probably the most obvious yet most beneficial tip. Hosting Friendsgiving doesn’t mean you have to make every dish on your own. Along with planning and organizing, cooking a whole feast on your own can be extremely stressful and expensive. Write out the list of foods you want at the dinner and have each guest pick one or two dishes to bring to the dinner. This will cut out a lot of possible stress and will allow you to focus on all the other details.

Tip #2: Have a Theme

Themes can be fun and captivating. Having a theme will make your Friendsgiving dinner go from a normal dinner party to a festive one. This may include the type of table settings you use and/or the decorations you put up around your place. There are several resources you can use to look for inspiration for a theme (i.e. Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). Your theme doesn’t have to be over the top or flashy. It just needs to be the perfect theme to tie everything together. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to go crazy in Target.

Tip #3: Plan Ahead

Getting everything together ahead of time will ensure everything will go right. This includes extending invites, coming up with the menu, and getting everything organized. Telling your guests in advance will allow them to clear their schedules and prepare for whichever dish they want to bring. Creating your menu in advance will ensure you’ll have every dish you want on the day of the dinner. Lastly, planning ahead will automatically decrease the amount of anxiety you may face.

Tip #4: Use Plastic Ware, Plates, and Cups

Friendsgiving is a time to lay back and relax. The last thing anyone wants to do after having a feast is wash loads of dishes. So rather than using regular dishes, use plastic ware, plastic plates, and plastic cups. This way, you’ll be able to have a quick clean up after you eat. And I understand wanting to have regular dishes opposed to plastic ones, but not all plastic ware has to look cheap. There are nice plastic plates that you can buy in place of actual dishes and your guests won’t question it.

Tip #5: Have Music and Games

After dinner, it’s essential to turn on a bomb playlist and bring out some games to play with your guests. Music always sets the tone and games are necessities when getting together with friends. Have your guests bring some games and get someone to bring a speaker for the music if you don’t have one. Having these two components will lighten the mood and keep everyone on their feet. Whether you’re listening to the latest Drake while playing a game of UNO or playing Taboo while blasting Beyoncé, music and games are the perfect way to end the night. 

Friendsgiving is the perfect opportunity to eat good food and enjoy the company of your friends. You're able to have a Thanksgiving feast a week before the actual holiday and create great memories. It allows you to let loose with your friends and do the things you can’t do around your family...if ya know what I mean. Following these tips will keep you on track and make planning your Friendsgiving dinner less of a challenge.

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