Pressing Pause: The Importance of Taking a Mental Break

I think it's safe to say that, oftentimes, life can get overwhelming. Whether it be work or your social life, it can be hard to find a balance with all you're taking on. You get so used to doing the same thing, day in and day out, to where complacency starts creeping in, eventually making you feel like you're on autopilot. This feeling only leads to unfulfillment which in turn can make you feel bad altogether.

Every once and a while when you feel your life slipping into a state of repetition and redundancy, take some time for yourself. Your schedule may already be booked until the end of next month, but it's okay to reschedule and move things around to have some alone time.

What you decide to do during this time off is up to you. You could spend a day at the spa or binge-watching a couple of Netflix shows. You could read a book or scroll through your favorite fashion websites all day. Your break might even include you completely disconnecting from the outside world. This will mean avoiding social media and possibly cutting off communication with everyone in your phone. Even putting your phone on Do Not Disturb for a couple of hours can do wonders.

This break could be a couple of days or an entire weekend, however long it takes for you to feel energized and back to normal. And don't feel bad if it takes a little longer than you anticipate, because his process cannot be rushed.

Try not to beat yourself up for needing a break. Life can give you a lot all at once and sometimes you can find yourself burning out. Canceling plans and/or disconnecting from the outside world can be difficult, but it'll be worth it in the end when you feel back to yourself.

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