Read of the Month: Think and Grow Rich

It's the beginning of a new month, which means a new read of the month has to my chosen. For the month of October, I decided to make the read of the month Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book is a staple for many successful people as it gives step by step tools to achieving wealth through the power of thought and discipline. I'm highlighting this book because I feel it's essential that everyone read it at least once. 

Not only does this book focus on the power of the mind, but also the importance of discipline and structure in the journey towards success. Throughout the book, Hill gives great tips and pointers to help one fulfill every area of success. The guidelines provided can be applied to anyone no matter what stage of success they're at. 

I chose to read this book not only because it focuses on manifestation and the law of attraction, but because so many people have praised it and have it at the top of their lists. Before I even began reading the book, I knew it would be beneficial and great food for thought. Because of this, I was far from disappointed and pleased from what I read.   

Think and Grow Rich is definitely the type of book that should always be on your bookshelf to keep you on track when achieving your goals. This book has been proven to do miraculous things in many people's lives. It's been the foundation of a great amount of success and is on everyone's favorites list for a reason. 

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