Should We Be Giving Kylie Jenner a Hard Time?

For over 10 years now, the Kardashian/Jenner family have been a huge part of pop culture. One could argue that this family is the most influential of our generation. And no matter how you feel about them, there’s no denying that they are trendsetters and people look to them to know what’s hot. Kylie Jenner has become more prevalent in recent years. Stepping outside the shadows of her older sisters. Back in 2014, when Kylie first started getting lip injections, she avoided talking about them to the public. She eventually came clean about getting the injections, admitting that her lips were a major insecurity for her.

Cut to four years later, Kylie has a successful makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and has made the Forbes list for being one of the youngest business owners to have nearly a billion dollar company. Just recently, Kylie announced that she’d taken a break from getting her lip injections. This brought about mixed feelings from the public. Some applauded her for finally embracing her natural features while others felt Kylie was wrong because she’d influenced young girls to get their lips done, as well.

Everybody has the right to state their opinions, but this backlash made me wonder who’s really to blame in this situation: Kylie or a society that constantly pressures women to fit beauty ideals. Being a woman, we’re expected to look a certain way. Beauty standards are constantly shifting and every woman has fallen victim to those standards. Everybody has that one thing they’re the most insecure about. Whether it’s their body, their hair, their features, etc. we all have those insecurities that bother us.

When Kylie first started getting the injections she was about 16 years old. The public accused Kylie of negatively influencing young girls, but the way I see it, Kylie was influenced herself. Before she started getting the lip injections, people would always talk poorly about her features. Being in the spotlight at such a young age and being the little sister to one of the most popular sex symbols in the world, I can see where Kylie felt the need to “conform”. And because we’re around the same age, I understand the pressure she may have felt and my family’s not even famous. I still deal with certain insecurities myself and can only imagine how I’d feel if I was always the being critiqued by the public.

We live in a cruel world and I don’t think it’s fair to shame someone for making adjustments to themselves. I’m also not denying that Kylie has had a huge impact on her younger audience which can definitely be problematic, but I feel like she’s trying to figure out her stuff like the rest of us (she’s 20 years old for goodness sakes). My whole point is we should give her a break and spread positivity. The sooner we stop being hard on others, we’ll stop being hard on ourselves.

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