Should Women Pay for First Dates?

Dating is one of the most common pastimes in society. Whether you’re dating just for a good time or in search for “the one”, everyone goes on dates. Most dates are similar in the fact that the woman is being catered to. Men tend to be the one treating the woman rather than the other way around. This has been the norm since the beginning of time, but now some feel this needs to change. In recent years, the topic of whether women should pay for dates has been heavily debated.

A couple of months ago I created a poll on my Instagram where I asked my followers if men or women should pay for first dates. The results weren’t surprising with 70% voting for men and 30% voting for women. I went a step further and asked why they voted the way they did. Those who voted for men said men should pay solely because it’s the "gentleman thing" to do. On the other hand, those who voted for women said it’ll make the woman stand out from any other woman being as it’s so rare. There were also a couple of people who mentioned that whoever asked to go out should pay.

Looking at the responses I received on my Instagram, it's clear that most people still feel men should pay for first dates. And for those who felt women should pay, felt that it would be refreshing for them to do so. I can understand this way of thinking. On average, men spend anywhere between $1,500-$2,000 on dating, annually. Maybe it’s not much to some, but considering all the other things they could invest that money in, that’s a lot.

The idea of women paying for dates has increased as more women have started to earn their own money. And because of this, people feel they shouldn’t have an issue picking up the tab from time to time. With the Women’s Movement being so prominent, women are more independent than ever. Most women aren’t depending on men to be wined and dined, because they can wine and dine themselves. Although no one brought this point up, I can’t help but think that it contributes to the argument.

I can see why this is such a popular topic these days. Although I still feel a man should pay for the first date, regardless of how much the woman earns, I understand the argument. Having a woman treat you after years of spending money on women is refreshing. It would be nice if men could go from spending thousands a year to only hundreds. And this could possibly eliminate the women who only go on dates for a free meal.

So should women pay for first dates? I’d say, both, yes and no. If the man, initially, pursued the woman, he should pay. If it were the other way around, the woman should pick up the tab. It all depends on the person. There are women who will never feel comfortable paying for dates no matter how much they have in their bank account. Then, there are women who don’t see the issue in treating their man every once and a while. This debate will continue to be a hot topic as we continue to progress in society.

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