Spooky Season: 10 Bomb Halloween Costumes to Wear this Year

Spooky Season is in full effect, and the Halloween festivities are beginning to commence. With just two weeks before the holiday, we still have time to figure out what or who we'll be this year. Because there are many costumes to choose from, things can get overwhelming when looking for the perfect costume to wear. I've narrowed it down to 10 sexy costumes that caught my eye and will surely have all eyes on you the entire night.

Ring Master

The Follow Me Sexy Ringleader Costume ($69.99) from Lorié.

Velvet Bunny

The Lavender Velvety Sexy Bunny Costume ($69.90) from Lorié.


Fashion Nova's Ooooh The Claw 4 Piece Costume Set ($69.99).

Racer Girl

Lorlié's Let's Race, Sexy Racer Costume ($69.99).

Cruella De Vil

The Devilish Villain Costume ($69.99) from Fashion Nova.


The Powerful Suit Sexy Superhero Costume ($69.99) from Lorlié.


Fashion Nova's Secret Fantasy Unicorn 2 Piece Costume Set ($69.99).


Lorlié's Fringe Hunny Sexy Cowgirl Costume ($79.99).

Playboy Bunny

The Bunny Of The Month 4 Piece Costume Set ($69.99) from Fashion Nova.

Workout Barbie

The Plastic And Fantastic Doll 7 Piece Costume Set ($69.99) from Fashion Nova.

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