Spring Break Checklist: 7 Essential Items You Need

Spring break season is officially here, which means we'll be seeing tons of vacation posts for the next couple of weeks. The beach is the most popular spring break destination. This means oversized beach hats, sunglasses, and bikinis. And while your beach attire is important, there are some other items you'll need during your spring break festivities.

#1: Beach Bag

A beach bag is probably the most obvious item you should have on vacation. While it may be a bit of a hassle having to carry it everywhere, having something to carry your stuff in will make things convenient.

#2: Portable Charger

This is #2 on the list because you never know how much you'll need a portable charger until your phone is on 10% without an outlet in sight. Having a portable charger will make your vacation much easier, not having to worry about your phone dying.

#3: A Snack

Having a snack or two with you will be helpful if you get a little hungry. throughout the day. It'll also be beneficial if you plan on drinking. A little snack can keep you fresh and healthy.

#4: Bottle of Water

Being as you'll be on the hot beach, it's important that you have a bottle of water on you at all times to ensure you remain hydrated. And if you plan on drinking, water can keep you from getting sick.

#5: Beach Towel

A beach towel is also an obvious necessity you'll need on your trip. A beach towel will allow you to lay out on the beach or dry off if you plan on getting in the water.

#6: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is often overlooked but is extremely important to have if you plan on being in the sun all day long. I understand being turned off by having to rub thick sunscreen on your body, which is why you can use freshly scented sunscreen spray.

#7: Speaker

A speaker is a perfect thing to have while lounging on the beach. You can throw on your favorite playlist and set whatever mood you wish to have at that moment.

Having these necessities with you will make life a bit easier while you're on vacay and will ensure you to have a great time and enjoy yourself.

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