Stay Connected While Social Distancing: 7 Activities to Do With Your Boo

Social distancing doesn't just mean being away from your friends, but being away from your lover as well. While some have been lucky enough to shack up with someone during this time, there are some who aren't able to do the same. There are those who don't live in the same area as their significant other while others just don't want to risk getting sick. Whatever the circumstance may be, right now, more than ever, is the time you have to be creative in your relationship. Here are several activities you can do with your boo to ensure the relationship doesn't lose its spark during this time of separation.

#1: Have a FaceTime Date

Who says you have to physically be together to go on a date? Get dressed up as if you're going to your favorite steak house and have a virtual date with your boo.

#2: Create a Playlist

Music is a great way to connect and vibe out. Create a playlist, add songs that remind you of each other, and listen to it together.

#3: Learn a Recipe

Cooking is a fun activity to do with your significant other. Pick a recipe you both want to make, cook it while on FaceTime, and enjoy it together.

#4: Netflix Party

You don't have to be together to Netflix and chill anymore with the launch of 'Netflix Party'. You and your boo can watch movies and tv shows together for days just like you would if you were together.

#5: Play Games

There are a handful of apps that'll allow you to compete against one another. You can make it fun by placing bets, adding that extra layer of competitiveness.

#6: Exercise

With all this extra time, you might as well be productive and be one another's, workout companions. You'll be each other's accountability partners and motivate each other during workouts through FaceTime.

#7: Play 'Truth or Drink'

'Truth or Drink' takes a spin on the classic 'Truth or Dare' and is a fun way to spice things up with your boo.

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