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Last Friday, Ariana Grande dropped her fifth studio album entitled thank u, next. This came nearly six months after she dropped her fourth album, sweetener. Many people assumed she decided to drop another album because of the tragic death of her ex, Mac Miller, and her sudden break up with Pete Davison. Either way, the album was a pleasant surprise to many of her fans and supporters.

1. imagine

"imagine" was released in December, but it wasn’t until I listened to it again on the album that I realized how good of a song it is. This song is similar to many of her other hits as it expresses feelings of being in love. This song depicts that happy, butterfly feeling you get when you have a new flame or when you’re first starting to fall in love. The lightness of her voice mixed with the high notes at the end made the song delightful. This is the type of song that’ll instantly make you think about the one you love.

2. needy

"needy" is also a beautiful slow ballad. In the song, she admits to how needy she can be at times. This song is for those moments when you feel your boo isn’t giving you all the attention you feel you deserve. This song is soft and catchy and relatable for a lot of people.


One of my favorites from the album, "NASA" is probably the exact opposite of "needy". In this song, she talks about wanting to take some time away from her boo so they can miss each other a little. We've all been in a place where we feel slightly suffocated by someone and just want to have our alone time and be to ourselves. "NASA" is a whole mood and will for sure be a fan favorite.

4. bloodline

The fourth song on the album, "bloodline", is another upbeat song. In this song, she talks about not wanting a serious relationship, but a casual fling with no strings attached. This song perfectly explains the feeling of wanting to hang around someone, but not seeing yourself going past a certain level with them.

5. fake smile

Another vulnerable moment in the album, "fake smile" shines a light on the ups and downs she goes through living her life in the limelight. She talks about being open and honest about her feelings in those moments the glitz and glam turn into a nightmare. "fake smile" is unmistakably a perfect representation of what she's gone through in the last couple of years.

6. bad idea

Similar to "bloodline", "bad idea" is about hooking up with no strings attached. In the song, she talks about going out and having a good time without thinking about the outcome. This song exemplifies doing whatever you want and has a carefree and unapologetic vibe. The orchestra instrumentals in the song also made it stand apart from the other songs and gave it a different feel.

7. make up

On "make up" she talks about the thrill of making up after an argument. She speaks about purposely starting disagreements solely for the intoxicating feeling of the make up. Similar to her other songs, this song is fun and catchy.

8. ghostin

"ghostin" is a slower song that addresses the hard times she's experienced in past relationships. She talks about her personal battles and how it affects her relationships. It wouldn't be far fetched to think this song is about Mac Miller, as she mentions in a verse, “he just comes to me when I’m dreaming every now and then”. "ghostin" is a pretty ballad and an extremely vulnerable, infectious moment in the album.

9. in my head

"in my head" is another relatable song that describes a bad habit many women have when they meet someone new, automatically putting unrealistic expectations on them. Often times, women get ahead of themselves and end up disappointed when they find out the guy isn't who they imagined them to be and "in my head" perfectly describes that.

10. 7 rings

"7 rings" is another one of my favorites from the album and is a whole mood. The premise of this song is spoiling yourself and getting what you want when you want it. It’s about making moves on your own accord. Listening to this song, you instantly feel like a boss, even if you only have $75 in your bank account. A good blend of self-love and treatin yo’self is what this song symbolizes. A feminist bop if you will.

11. thank u, next

The first single from this album, "thank u, next", came out in wake her break up with Pete Davison. This song basically explains how much she’s grown and what she's learned from each of her relationships. This song depicts self-discovery and gaining confidence in yourself, along with learning how to see every relationship as a blessing and not a curse.

12. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored

In the last song on the album, "break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored" Ariana talks about wanting a guy to get rid of his current boo so he can entertain her. Throughout the song, she describes the different reasons he should be with her instead. This song shows a different side of Ariana and goes well with the unbothered theme of the album.

This album definitely stands apart from her previous albums. It screams grown woman and shows the amount of growth she’s had throughout the years. While there were several vulnerable moments, the project as a whole had a carefree touch. thank u, next is by far Ariana's best album yet hands down.

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