The Illusion of Happy

We live in a society where people are constantly chasing happiness. Whether it be wanting more money, obtaining the perfect body, or finding love, these desires tend to be attached to our happiness. Where these things usually do make us feel good about ourselves, the high quickly fades then we go looking for the next thing to fulfill us. We often find ourselves in a vicious cycle.

Happiness isn't a temporary feeling, but if you put your happiness solely in circumstantial aspects it can be. For example, there’s a new iPhone announced every year or so that offers newer and better features. People wait in line for hours to get their hands on one just to do it all over again within a year. This is how the illusion of happiness works when you base your happiness on materials and/or people.

There are two reasons this is the case. The first reason is that people achieve the things they feel will bring them happiness, become dissatisfied and realize they want more. They find themselves in a cycle of searching for satisfaction in different forms. The second reason is that people will achieve all their goals, be gratified for a moment, then fall into a depression. This happens because they’ve already accomplished everything they wanted. This is why so many successful people fall into depressions and/or drug/alcohol addictions.

Although this is common, this doesn’t have to be the case for everybody. There are ways to combat the illusion of happiness and attain actual happiness. The first step is to stop depending on people and/or materials to be happy. People are fickle and material assets can be taken away overnight. The good news is we’re capable of finding happiness where we are. I understand it’s easier said than done, but having a positive outlook on life can totally shift your attitude. Happiness can be found in the little things that are usually taken for granted. Because we become so consumed in what we don’t have we tend to forget to appreciate what we do have. Having gratitude for what you already have in life will instantly boost your mood.

There will always be things you want to achieve in life. Whether it be purchasing your first pair of red bottoms or owning a multi-million dollar company, we all have goals. It's okay to desire more just as long as you remember to be grateful and stay positive. Your happiness isn’t dependent on anyone or anything but you. You create your happiness. Learn to be content where you are and the rest will follow.

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