The Misconception of Feminism

About a year ago, Amber Rose made a guest appearance on the show Everyday Struggle. On the show, she talked about feminism and her SlutWalk. Naturally, Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks had questions about the intentions of the SlutWalk. Amber explained to them that the SlutWalk wasn’t solely focused on women who sleep around but the empowerment of women everywhere. As she continued to state her points, they undermined everything she said. This continued throughout the entire interview. I remember getting frustrated, as they had a rebuttal for everything Amber said. I was annoyed for a while until I realized the reason Budden and DJ Akademiks didn’t understand Amber’s argument was because they didn’t understand feminism.

After watching Amber’s interview, I understood that Budden and DJ Akademiks aren’t the only people who are confused about what feminism is. The reason many people are turned off by feminism is cause there’s a misconception of what feminism is. For years now feminism has had a bad rep. Feminists are perceived as angry, men-hating women. People think all feminists are women who like to walk around topless to prove a point. This is false. Feminism is more than just making a point or putting down the opposite sex.

I feel the main reason people tend to write off feminism is that they don’t know what it is and/or don’t want to know what it is. And to be honest, I used to be the same way. I didn’t understand feminism and I didn’t see the point in being a feminist. I felt being as I’m a woman I’d obviously advocate for women and thought feminism was unnecessary. I didn’t feel there needed to be a title involved. This was until I took my first Women and Gender Studies class my freshmen year of college which opened my eyes to what feminism actually is.

The primary focus of feminism is gaining equality of the sexes. Women have been demeaned and belittle for centuries now and it’s time for a shift. And when I say equality I don’t just mean equal pay, but equal respect, equal rights, and an equal amount of agency, as well. Feminism isn’t just a fun thing to do. Feminism is an important part of our society. There are many underlined issues regarding women in our society. Aside from rape culture and misogyny, there is so much to tackle surrounding women’s rights. It’s important that we acknowledge these issues because they negatively affect every woman and allowing them to go unsolved is the last thing we need.

Feminism isn’t about women vs. men. It's not about women becoming superior to men. And it's not about hating men. Feminism is about empowering women in a society that has constantly told us to make ourselves small. Feminism is about women receiving the same amount of respect and opportunities men do. Feminism is a vital part of our society. Whether you want to believe it or not, we need feminism to succeed as a whole.

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