The Reason YouTube is Becoming Oversaturated

YouTube has been around now for over 10 years and since then has become a huge business. Content creators are given a platform to share their interests and talents with the world from the comfort of their own homes. People from different parts of the world have been connected through YouTube whether it be through beauty, comedy, DIY projects, etc. YouTube is a hub for every type of creator.

As time has gone by, YouTube has evolved. YouTubers went from doing it as a hobby to doing it as a job and everyone wants in. This has caused a new wave of YouTubers to surface. Where YouTube used to be an exclusive group of people it has now become a thing everyone wants to be a part of. Every day more and more people are becoming YouTubers. Content creators are now able to live lavish lifestyles like celebrities and are able to buy mansions and nice cars, just based off what they earn on YouTube. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? But, of course, with that has come inauthenticity.

As always, when too much of something is done, it becomes oversaturated. One could argue that there is a difference between the “old YouTube” and the “new YouTube”. While YouTube used to be about coming up with your own content, the content on YouTube now seems to be identical. You can go on YouTube and see five different people doing the same exact videos. Over the years, motives have shifted on YouTube. Content creators are now doing things for views rather than doing them because it’s their passion. This has been a hindrance on the platform. Being as YouTube is considered to be a social media site, this isn’t all that surprising. Along with many other social media platforms, there is an outbreak of insincere people on YouTube.

Now don’t let it discourage you, there are still YouTubers who've been on since the beginning and some newer YouTubers who are still authentic in their content which is greatly appreciated. YouTube was created to be a platform for creative minds and that can still be found. Yes, it’s oversaturated but finding a YouTuber who’s genuine and truly entertains you makes it all worth it.

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