Why You Should Avoid Casual Relationships

Casual relationships have become popular in today’s age. In an era where you can meet someone with the swipe of your finger, monogamous relationships are dwindling down little by little. There’s a notion that casual relationships are fun and effortless. I’m here to tell you, that is false. If anything, casual relationships are more complex than monogamous ones. In my experience with casual relationships things always went left so I’ve vowed to stay away from them.

The #1 reason I feel casual relationships should be avoided is that someone always gets hurt. No matter what agreement is made at the beginning of the relationship, one person is always going to care more and/or want more. Because there is no title on the relationship, both parties have free will to do whatever they want without taking each other’s feelings into consideration.

There’s also a mentality that no title equals no feelings. No matter if there’s a title or not, the feelings you have in a normal relationship began to surface in a casual one. As you start to get comfortable with one another, feelings begin to grow. This makes things complicated because there is no way to control the way you feel about someone.

While things, in the beginning, seem to be carefree, they can become extremely draining. Whether there has been a mutual agreement or not, there’s a certain “go with the flow” vibe attached to casual relationships. This works for the first part of the relationship, but as time goes on feelings began to get involved and things become hectic. Being as there’s no title on the relationship, things are bound to get confusing and stressful. Which is the last thing a relationship should be.

All and all causal relationships are a waste of time and they don't work. There’s no reason to stay tied down to somebody you don’t plan on building with. A lot of people go into casual relationships telling themselves they’re okay with settling with a no strings attached situation, but in actuality, it's a waste of time and energy. Falling into the belief that you have to settle for pieces to receive that instant gratification of being in a relationship is dangerous. Be upfront with what you want in relationships and never settle. You’re worth so much more.

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