#WineDownWednesday: D'USSÉ Lemonade

Today is not only #WineDownWednesday but it's also Bey Day. Last year, in honor of Queen Bey's birthday, I created a Beyoncé Inspired Lookbook. Because her birthday has fallen on a Wednesday this year, I decided to dedicate this week's #WineDownWednesday to her with this delicious D'USSÉ Lemonade.

Although Mrs. Carter tends to keep her personal life private, any true member of the Bey Hive knows she loves D'USSÉ. Not only has she mentioned it in several songs, but it's endorsed by her husband, Jay-Z. Because of that, this D'USSÉ lemonade is the perfect cocktail to honor her with.

Because lemonade cocktails are typically mixed with vodka or tequila, this recipe stands out from the rest. This cocktail only calls for two ingredients; D'USSÉ and lemonade. To create this drink, you'll need to combine 1 1/2 parts D'USSÉ and 2 parts lemonade in a pitcher, garnish it with sliced lemons, and enjoy.

Because D'USSÉ is a cognac, which is grape-based, it's best paired with desserts like fudge brownies or chocolate-covered strawberries. It's also paired well with seafood dishes like lobster or salmon when served cold. If you're only looking to enjoy D'USSÉ with a light bite, snacks with cream cheese or blue cheese would be perfect with this drink.

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