#WineDownWednesday: Gewürztraminer

This week's #WineDownWednesday is Gewürztraminer. Similar to me, you've probably never heard of this wine before today. Gewürztraminer is a sweet white wine that is highly underrated compared to other white wines. It holds flavors of pineapples and grapefruits with aromas of rose, honey, and cinnamon. 

5 fun facts about Gewürztraminer:

1. Gewürztraminer goes great with zesty Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. 

2. Known as a "grown-up" version of Moscato.

3. It's low in acidity and high in alcohol. 

4. Gewürztraminer is made all around the world (Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, U.S., etc.). 

5. It's best served cold with zesty foods. 

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