#WineDownWednesday: House Wine Rosé Review

You all know I enjoy trying new wines every once and a while so I was thinking I'd do a quick review for this week's #WineDownWednesday. House Wine, in particular, caught my attention a couple of months ago and I hadn't had the chance to try it until now. I tried House Wine's rosé which is, unusually, served in a can. It tasted like any other rosé (not too sweet and not too dry) and had a crisp taste to it. One can of House Wine is equivalent to half a bottle of wine so that was also a plus.  

3 things I enjoy about this wine:

1. Because I'd never had canned wine prior to drinking House Wine, I was surprised by the quality and taste of the wine. 

2. It's about $5 a can but is definitely worth the price being as it's basically two servings of wine. 

3. It gave me a nice buzz without getting me too tipsy. 

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